Month: March 2016

Game Review: Fallout 4

Very few game franchises get me excited about gaming like Fallout does. While I am fairly new to the franchise, with Fallout 3 being my introduction to the series, I was completely blown away by it upon entering the Wasteland.  I was only able to get about half way through New Vegas before my 360 crapped out on me (destroying the physical disk in the process), but thoroughly enjoyed my return to that post-apocalyptic world. The unfortunate events surrounding the demise of my copy of New Vegas combined with the impending arrival of Fallout 4 pushed me into the Xbox One console – so hooray for silver linings…or something.

On to the review… (more…)


Fallout 4 Review is Coming…

I’ve done it! I crossed the 100 hour mark in Fallout 4. I’ve been compiling my notes and thoughts on the game and my experience with it. I crossed 120 hours with Fallout 3 so, based on where I’m at in the story, I should go well north of that in time spent in 4.

And don’t get me started on the DLC…

I ended up cashing in on the Fallout 4 Season Pass before the price hike on March 1 ($30 vs $50). I was initially skeptical of the Season Pass idea since I have a hard time spending money on something I know nothing about. Although once Bethesda shared some details on the DLC, specifically Far Harbor ($25), my skepticism softened. And when they announced the price hike and promise of additional content down the road, I decided to buy in at $30.

I’m pretty stoked to dig into some of that content, although I may have to take a break from The Commonwealth before tackling that content.

We’ll be back before the end of the month with the Fallout 4 review!