Fallout 4 Review is Coming…

I’ve done it! I crossed the 100 hour mark in Fallout 4. I’ve been compiling my notes and thoughts on the game and my experience with it. I crossed 120 hours with Fallout 3 so, based on where I’m at in the story, I should go well north of that in time spent in 4.

And don’t get me started on the DLC…

I ended up cashing in on the Fallout 4 Season Pass before the price hike on March 1 ($30 vs $50). I was initially skeptical of the Season Pass idea since I have a hard time spending money on something I know nothing about. Although once Bethesda shared some details on the DLC, specifically Far Harbor ($25), my skepticism softened. And when they announced the price hike and promise of additional content down the road, I decided to buy in at $30.

I’m pretty stoked to dig into some of that content, although I may have to take a break from The Commonwealth before tackling that content.

We’ll be back before the end of the month with the Fallout 4 review!


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