Month: April 2016

Introducing: Flashback Fridays

After my 360 died, I was in a position to choose which current gen console to move forward with. I was torn between the PS4 and Xbox One. Everything I was reading seemed to point me to the PlayStation – it was technically superior, had a better game catalog, and was selling like hotcakes. I was hesitant to switch back to Sony (I had a PS1 and PS2) because I didn’t want to permanently give up my game library but, since neither system (at the time) was offering backwards compatibility, I was ready to make the switch. Then two things happened. Microsoft announced Tomb Raider as an exclusive (timed) and then dropped the backwards compatibility bomb. That tipped me back the other way, and just in time for Black Friday, I was sold on the Xbox One. (more…)


Game Review: Life Is Strange

I bought this game on a whim because I’d read some nice things about it, it looked interesting, and it was $10 on Deals with Gold – so it seemed like a pretty low risk purchase. I was also looking for something that was VERY different from the game I’d previously played (Fallout 4), and I got that, for better and worse.

Mostly just worse… (more…)

Game Review: The Wolf Among Us

I dove into this game without really reading what it was about. I knew it was a Telltale game and that it was well reviewed. Frankly, based on the picture of the character, I thought it was about Logan from X-Men. That was half the reason I wanted to play it, so I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t. But, I got over that pretty quickly. (more…)