Game Review: The Wolf Among Us

I dove into this game without really reading what it was about. I knew it was a Telltale game and that it was well reviewed. Frankly, based on the picture of the character, I thought it was about Logan from X-Men. That was half the reason I wanted to play it, so I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t. But, I got over that pretty quickly.

It’s a murder mystery of sorts taking place in Fabletown, an imaginary neighborhood in New York City. The characters are all from various fables such as Red Ridinghood and Beauty and the Beast. The voice acting, dialog, and pace are all really well done. There are quite a few cut scenes, but they’re well done and typically broken up by dialog choices and action which kept me engaged throughout.

It’s delivered in 5 episodes, each split into multiple chapters, so it’s easily digestible in small doses. Each episode took me about 2 hours, so it’s not a big time commitment for those who have limited time to play games, like me.

As for the gameplay…

I’m not usually a huge fan of quick-time, button pressing sequences in games, but they work really nicely in this one. It’s still not my top choice for game-play options, but it didn’t get in the way too much in this game.

The detective work, searching clues, looking around your environment were well done although a little repetitive – but it never felt like you were wasting your time. It helped fill in story and to reveal clues that could be used in dialog in the future.

The dialog options were really nice. It feels like you ARE impacting the story, or at the very least imparting your own take on Bigby. I also enjoyed the timer attached to your choices. You can’t just sit there and think about it too long, which added a little bit of tension, which I thought was a nice touch.

Technically speaking…

I really love the artistic style of the game. It has almost an 80’s comic book-noir feel to it. The cell shading treatment (ala Borderlands) is really nice and should make it age well. I ran into a few hiccups and frame freezes here and there, but they were pretty few and far between.

Verdict: 9 (Great)
This game totally took me by surprise. After playing through part of Life is Strange (review coming), I was nervous that this foray into something else new to me would end up poorly again. Very happy to be wrong! This is a super fun game, and TOTALLY worth your time to play through. Plus, it helps that right now it’s free as part of Games with Gold. I highly advise picking this up before it’s gone at the end of the Month.



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