Introducing: Flashback Fridays

After my 360 died, I was in a position to choose which current gen console to move forward with. I was torn between the PS4 and Xbox One. Everything I was reading seemed to point me to the PlayStation – it was technically superior, had a better game catalog, and was selling like hotcakes. I was hesitant to switch back to Sony (I had a PS1 and PS2) because I didn’t want to permanently give up my game library but, since neither system (at the time) was offering backwards compatibility, I was ready to make the switch. Then two things happened. Microsoft announced Tomb Raider as an exclusive (timed) and then dropped the backwards compatibility bomb. That tipped me back the other way, and just in time for Black Friday, I was sold on the Xbox One.

As the tag line in this blog says, I’m kind of a part-time gamer. I go through streaks where I play a lot, and streaks where I don’t touch them for a few months. It depends on what games are available and, more importantly, what kind of time I have available to pursue my various interests. Because of this I don’t usually get a chance to play games right when the come out which leaves me a little behind. On the plus side, I do tend to save a fair amount of money which allows me to purchase MORE games than I would otherwise.

Because of these gaps in time, I end up with a decent back catalog of games I want to play and, for now at least, that includes a LOT of 360 games. And a TON of these games are backwards compatible and available for free (well, not really) through the Games with Gold service on Xbox Live.

I am also someone who enjoys revisiting classic games years later, so seeing a lot of these games coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility is really exciting for me. It’s nice to be able to get rid of an old system but still be able to play my favorite games from that generation – and I’m not a PC gamer, so I do tend to collect systems out of necessity. I mean, why wouldn’t I go back and play College Hoops 2K7 on PS2!? And I have. In the last year.

What are you getting at, dude?!

Right. Sorry, rambling…

I wanted to do something on this blog to celebrate the fact that I DO like to go back and play older games I missed and to revisit the classic games I loved. Combine this idea with backwards compatibility and Games with Gold and the Flashback Fridays idea was born. I will be playing backwards compatible games as they come about and offering up an update as to how the game is holding up and sharing any memories I have of my previous experience with the game. It’ll be part review, part reminisce.  I may not play though the game completely, and I won’t necessarily hold that against it – sometimes older games, while still good, feel a bit antiquated compared to their current-gen brethren.

Anyway, I’ve currently played Deus Ex: Human Revolution and am just beginning Borderlands, so hopefully over the next few Fridays, I’ll have something posted regarding one or both of these games.

Until then, game on!


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