Flashback Fridays: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Just like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago take the brunt of the disaster scenarios, Detroit always seems to be cast in the dirt and squalor of drugs, crime, and poverty. RoboCop, The Crow, Darkman… Detroit just can’t catch a break as a city. And it doesn’t look to be much better in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Released in 2011, this game was released earlier this year as part of backwards compatibility and available free through Games with Gold on Xbox Live. This is one of those games I totally missed somewhere – and I don’t really know how. It has all the things I like about video games. It’s an action game featuring stealth elements set in a dystopian future and put out by Square Enix/Edios. I seriously don’t know how I missed this game. But I did and, in a way, I guess I saved myself $50 so I’ll forgive myself…

The first thing that stood out to me were the cinematics, the music, and the sound. It felt a lot like Metal Gear to me – dark in mood, hushed in tone, muted colors. For a five year-old game it has aged pretty well.

The voice acting seemed a little rough, but that may be because I’m so used to the improvements made to that aspect of games of the current generation. The conversation options given to the player is a nice touch although I haven’t played enough of the game to see what kind of impact they may have on my experience.

The controls are a little less good, mostly because they aren’t very intuitive. Once I figured them out, they were fine, but there was a definite learning curve. The stealth elements are pretty solid, once again reminding me of the hours I spent with Metal Gear Solid back in 1998. They feel like a natural progression of those controls – ducking behind walls, sneaking through shadows, waiting for the AI to move along their repeating path…

While NBA 2K16 and Fallout 4 DLC is keeping me busy at the moment, I’m hoping to get back into this game as I have more time. It’s definitely worth keeping on the old hard drive if you able to pick it up for free a few months back. If I knew what was good for me, I’d finish it before Deus Ex: Mankind Divided comes out later this summer. And you should too.



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