Month: July 2016

Game Review: NBA 2k16

My love of basketball video games is full of amazingly good (and bad) memories and experiences. From the halftime shows in Double Dribble to Christian Laettners’ three-point hook shot and Tom Chambers double-pump jam from three-point land, I have had a glorious and wonderful time playing basketball video games. I mean, I remember spending HOURS playing NBA Jam at the arcade with friends and then, once we were out of quarters, we’d head home to play some more on Sega Genesis. And don’t get me started on Arch Rivals. Seriously, look it up. It’s the Blades of Steel of basketball games and the spiritual predecessor for NBA Jam.

I recently realized that I hadn’t owned an up-to-date basketball game since College Hoops 2k7. After reading some reviews and seeing that Spike Lee was involved, I decided I was ready to jump into the present and I picked up NBA 2k16… (more…)