Month: August 2016

Movie Review: Indie Game

One of the great crimes against mankind, at least as it relates to myself and video games, is that I never played Super Meatboy, Braid, or Fez . I know, I know…I TOTALLY could play them NOW. And I should – I own Super Meatboy (this should be a Flashback Friday entry huh…) and Braid is basically free at this point. I have to admit though, I’m a little afraid to play them because one of the things that made playing them great was being there – in that time and that place.

But I digress… Onto the review! (more…)


Book Review: Ready Player One

One of my very first thoughts when I started reading this book was “Gosh, this sounds like it’d be a movie.” The dystopian future, near-future technology, a big scary corporation trying to control people and money may be a description of 100 different movies. So I went looking and, low and behold, Steven Spielberg is working on this film slated to hit theaters in 2018.

And I’m psyched to see what the film version of this novel looks like because, if it’s anything like the book, it’s gonna be fun! (more…)