Movie Review: Indie Game

One of the great crimes against mankind, at least as it relates to myself and video games, is that I never played Super Meatboy, Braid, or Fez . I know, I know…I TOTALLY could play them NOW. And I should – I own Super Meatboy (this should be a Flashback Friday entry huh…) and Braid is basically free at this point. I have to admit though, I’m a little afraid to play them because one of the things that made playing them great was being there – in that time and that place.

But I digress… Onto the review!

One thing this movie does really well is put the viewer into that space and with a back stage pass to the minds, coders, and designers behind three of the most revered early indie games of all time.

It’s very cool to meet the personalities behind these games and see what their lives were like during and after development.The stress and the strain of trying to make something you truly love is palpable in Indie Game. The egos and passion are there too – for good, bad, and ugly. If there was ever a doubt that making video games is making art, this movie hammered home that idea for me – not that I was doubter to begin with. I’m not sure they’re all likable, but they’re all relate-able and are incredibly passionate about their vision and what their games ultimately turned into.

I had put this movie into my Netflix queue shortly after it came out on DVD and kept stalling on watching it until now – 4 years after its release. I wish I’d watched it earlier, but truly enjoyed it when I did get around to watching it. If you like video games at all, do yourself a favor and watch this movie. It’s 90 minutes well spent and, in my opinion, a must-watch!




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