Flashback Friday: Red Dead Redemption

I’m sad that I didn’t play this when it first came out. Back when I had more free time to get lost in more than one epic world per year (Fallout 4 has taken that energy up this year) I would’ve played this for hours and hours and hours. It is such a well done game that’s fun to play, it’s a shame that I’m having a hard time keeping more motivated to play it. I WANT to play it more and go get lost in this beautiful world, but with limited time available to play games, I’m not sure I want to invest it all in this.

Visually, this game holds up nicely. Sure, it’s not as tight as the current gen games even though it is clearly one of the better last-gen games, but the graphics fit really nicely with the setting of the game.

Aesthetically, this game is really, really good. The settings all feel very real and fit well with the old-west theme of the game. The characters, for the most part, are all interesting and voice acted well.

The controls are a little clunky, very much feeling like a six-year-old scheme. They’re not BAD, just not as fluid as more recent entries in the third-person action genre. Once I got used to them they were fine, but it was definitely a frustrating start – especially riding the damn horses.

I liken playing Red Dead to my experience watching Deadwood and Mad Men. Both are amazingly well done shows that I came into late and just couldn’t quite hold my interest for very long. Red Dead is very much like that for me as well. It’s SO good – I can tell after 10 hours of game play that it’s one of the best of its generation – but I’m not sure how much time I’ll be able to put into it.

If you haven’t played the game, and have time for a big one, definitely play this game. Even if you DON’T have time, maybe play it anyway.

All that said, I am still playing this game two weeks later. So maybe it DID finally get it’s hooks into me…


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