Quick Hits: 80 Days

Sometimes Twitter is a curse. Some days, it’s so full of worthless drivel that I surprise myself by coming back the next day. Other days, it’s so full of wonderful things that I don’t have time to get through all of it.In fact, those days are the hardest because I know – I KNOW – I missed something super cool. But other days, I catch those cool things and today was one of those days. As I’m scrolling down the list, my eye catches a comment/link posted by a trusted gaming source. It says: “I love this game” and “$1.99.” I click the link and I’m off…

The premise of this game is what got me. It’s an interactive, fictional experience, based on Jules Vernes’ book Around the World in 80 Days. With a steampunk twist to it.

Basically, you race against a running clock to make it around the world in 80 days. You explore cities and talk with various people as you explore your way around the globe. As you travel, you are presented with various decisions and conversation options that let you discover new routes and other tools/hints to aide you in your journey.

It’s the conversation options and other decisions – do you choose to explore the city to get information to make your boss happy, or do you tend to him to increase his health and well being? –  you’re faced with that make up the game play and drive the story. While none of them feel earth shaking, most of them have a certain amount of weight to them and definitely impact the path of your journey. If you choose to explore the city or talk with the citizens you encounter, often times you’re presented with routes to other cities which may be faster, or safer, ways to make your way around the world. In addition to those encounters, you can buy and sell goods, which may have higher values in other cities, which has already impacted my journey – I bought a bottle of Absinthe for $8 and sold in another city for $5000.

I have put about an hour into it so far and it’s been an excellent experience. With a flight to Portland, OR on deck for tomorrow, I’m looking forward to putting more time into this enjoyable little diversion.

If you have an extra $2 burning a hole in your pocket, pick this one up!


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