Flashback Fridays: Alan Wake

I remember reading about this game in anticipation of its release way back in 2010 and being really excited about what I read. I love survival horror games, good stories, and Stephen King, so this game was looking like a perfect fit for me. Then I got caught up in the buzzsaw that was Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy XIII, and Splinter Cell: Conviction, and I totally missed Alan Wake at that time.

Flash forward 6 years…

I was game shopping and saw that Quantum Break came with a free copy of this game so I decided to jump – $30 for two games I really wanted to play!

Two things jumped out at me almost immediately. Well, okay, within the first hour of game play.

  1. This game, technically speaking, has not aged as well as I had hoped
  2. The way the storytelling is done really does a nice job of building tension

The graphics have certainly aged – the characters specifically look very last-gen.

The main character’s narration/voice acting is overdone, although I suppose it may be an accurate representation of how a writer/author would talk through their own story. It was a little annoying to begin with but I adjusted. Once I was past that, the way the story is told and the action is paced, lead to a lot of tension building quickly and persistently.

I made it through about 5 hours of game play until I got distracted by other things but, in that amount of time, I could tell that the story was the star of this game, even back when it was technically cutting edge.

I really, REALLY, wish I had played this when it originally came out. If you have patience for slightly aged graphics I would definitely recommend playing this game.


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