Quick Hits: Ready…Set…GO

After reading all of the good reviews of Lara Croft GO, Hitman GO, and Deus Ex GO, I couldn’t wait to get my new phone. The old one had been in the tub, screen replaced, then screen cracked, so it was a hot mess. Now that I have my iPhone 7 (pretty nice phone by the way) I have been able to jump into the GO games. And, so far, I’m really enjoying them all. Instead of reviewing them separately, I figured I’d bunch them together and give my take on each – sort of a compare and contrast with a little bit of ranking.

I started with Deus Ex GO simply because it was on sale when I was ready to jump in. It was $1.99 whereas the other two were $4.99 each. After playing Deus Ex GO for a couple of weeks, I happened across a deal on the other two – sold together for $0.99. For both. Can’t really go wrong with anything at that price!

Right off the bat I was impressed with the puzzles. They provide simple yet challenging concepts that ramp up as you get further along in the games. The visuals in all three games are pretty solid and definitely in line with their respective franchises – Lara Croft and Deus Ex especially.

Hitman and Lara Croft don’t have much in terms of story but that doesn’t really take away from the experience. Deus Ex on the other hand has some semblance of a story that gives some context and motivation to keep on moving through the puzzles.

For those that are interested in only buying one, here are some bullet points on the differences that stood out to me.

Lara Croft GO
Great puzzles, good environments
Feels like a simpler Tomb Raider game, almost like a throwback to the original
Fun animations and graphics (handstand pull up)

Hitman GO
Like Hitman and Sorry! Put together
Not quite the same feel as the Hitman series (from my perspective)
Still fun, but not quite as good as the other two GO games

Deus Ex GO
Great feel, just like the rest of the series
The story is fun, fits right in with the Deus Ex universe
Really good animations, definitely the best of the bunch

I think you’d be safe with any of them, so I’d say whichever is least expensive when you jump to buy. But again, I’ve seen the Lara Croft/Hitman combo for $1 more than once, so maybe your best bet is to wait for that to show up again…


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