Loot Crate’s Loot Tees

Lootcrate has always sounded like something I would really like, but I’ve always been intimidated by the volume of stuff I would be acquiring. I mean, with two kids under 7 at home, I have very limited space in which to (safely) store/display cool nerd-culture stuff. I’m simply stunned that my pop-up Star Wars book has survived as long as it has! I also spend most of my be-clothed time during each day wearing t-shirts, but am always disappointed with what I run across on my shopping ventures (aka walk by the clearance rack in Target). Did I mention I’m a lazy shopper? Thus Lootwear, Loot Tees. Instead of a giant box of really cool stuff that will get destroyed by my kids, I get a t-shirt shipped to me every month! Hooray! I set up my account and my membership (I did 3 months, but you can do up to 12 months) mid-September and received it two weeks later.


First shirt was AWESOME! A little more worn looking than I was expecting, but still a good looking shirt. I’m not the biggest Nintendo guy ever, but I do love me some Mario Kart!

I was even MORE excited for the second shirt once I found out it was going to be Shaun of the Dead themed. Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite zombie movies, so I knew it’d be pretty hard to be disappointed by this one.


I love it! And it’s dark blue, not black, which is nice since I don’t typically wear black shirts – at least not since high school. It fits and seems like a reasonably quality shirt.

After two really awesome shirts, I was definitely looking forward to the next installment. Dr. Strange, while I’m not real familiar with him or his lore, seems pretty cool – I mean who doesn’t like fringe Marvel Universe characters?


Frankly I was a little disappointed, but that’s not really the shirts fault. As stated, I’m not a Dr. Strange fanboy and on top of that, I kind of think the ugly Christmas sweater thing is dumb. The shirt itself is fine quality, and I’ll wear it, but it is definitely my least favorite of the three I’ve gotten so far.

At this point, my three-month subscription is up, but I do plan on letting it renew for another three months. The shirts are decent quality and from all over geek culture, which is kind of cool. We’ll see what happens over the next three months, but I’m hopeful that I’ll end up with at least 2 more really cool tee shirts.



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