Quick Hits: Super Mario Run

I know a lot of people kind of balked at the $10 price tag on Super Mario Run, which is fair because that is on the high end of the mobile game price spectrum. I was hesitent to buy it at that price as well – I mean if could scrape together another $10, I could grab a full sized console game, say…Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I was curious though, and bored on a conference call, and wandered over to the app store to see if it happened to be on sale. What I found there was even better – you can download it – and try out the first three levels – for free!

I know, it sounds kind of disappointing, but the first three levels give a pretty good sample of the gameplay you can expect – assuming you can’t imagine what a Mario-themed infinite runner might be like.

The gameplay is pretty good and definitely lives up to the ‘can be played with one hand’ promise made by it’s creators. It’s definitely Mario. The imagery is the newer Mario, the gameplay is fluid, forgiving, yet challenging, and the level design – at least through the first three levels – is solid as one would expect.

The replayability seems to be there too, what with the three sets of special coins to be collected on every level. If you’re competitive, you have the ability to challenge friends for high scores and such, which is not my thing, but will definitely lend length to the life of the game.

Based on my limited time with it, it seems that Super Mario Run will probably keep you busy for 10-15 hours even if you only play through everthing once. So $1/hour – at most – seems like a decent investment.

At the very least, go download it and play it to see if it’s worth $10 to you…

I’m on the fence as to whether I’m going to drop the $10 to buy it, but only because I have other things to play right now and am hoping it goes on sale in the near future. Realistically, I’ll probably end up  buying it anyway – $10 is almost nothing and with all the cold-weather time to kill, I may need an additional distraction.


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