Quick Hits: Gumballs & Dungeons

I have a confession to make. I lied to you all. Apparently I underestimated the number of, and time spent, playing mobile games I do. For that I appologize – mostly to my wife and kids…

I still don’t spend much money on them, but looking back on all my reviews, I realized a LOT of them are for mobile games. So I guess I’m more into  mobile games than I thought. Oh well!

This one I got clued into by Justin Davis over at IGN and it turned out to be a pretty solid recommendation.

Gumballs & Dungeons is a fun little dungeon crawler. It has a nice art style, it’s free to play. Not necessarily a game that I would play for hours on end, but do check in on a couple times a day.

As you work your way through each dungeon (maze) you improve the various characteristics of your character, encounter increasingly difficult enemies, and collect better loot. Periodically you also run across giant bosses which definitely present a significant, and rewarding, challenge.

There are kind of two levels of RPG-style character development. At the beginning of each maze, you begin with your base character and increase his/her various attributes as you work your way through the dungeons. Additionally, as you collect loot and gain experience, your  base character will also level up, making it easier to get further into each subsequent dungeon. Another nice feature is that as you work your way though the various dungeons you come across new chacters and classes – dark magic, warriors, etc. – which keeps the game fresh and fun.

I was skeptical that this game would resinate well with me, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much entertainment I got, and continue to get, out of Gumballs & Dungeons with exactly zero monitary investment on my part.

A completely recommendable use of your time!


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