Month: April 2017

First Impressions: Prey Demo

I’ve been paying peripheral attention to Prey for a number of reasons, mostly trying to keep my internal hype machine at bay. I love what Bethesda and Arkane have been bringing gamers over the past few years (Dishonored, Fallout) and sci-fi action/horror is definitely my bag. And when Bethesda and Arkane did us all a solid by releasing a demo of the game, I cleared some space on my calendar. I mean, what else was I going to do with my Friday afternoon? (more…)


Peripheral Review: Xbox One Media Remote

While gaming was my primary reason for purchasing the Xbox One, I had it in the back of my mind to eventually use it as my primary media center in order to reduce the number of devices hanging out in my living room. It took me a few months but I finally got rid of my blu ray player and my Chromecast which made everyone in my house happy – so much less switching between input sources on the TV. After a year, and about a billion AA batteries, I started looking into ways to reduce the number of batteries I was using. Though my research I came up with two options: Rechargable batteries or a media remote. I was torn. Then I remembered all of the questions (read: complaints) from my wife about using the Xbox One controller and the solution became obvious.