Show Review: Castlevania Season 1

I don’t have much history with the series other than playing the original game back in 1985, but sometimes nostalgia is enough to rope me in. Nostalgia and the fact it is a Netflix series (typically good) made Castlevania a must-watch for me. While it definitely wasn’t enough, it was well worth my time.

The art style of the show is really nice. Feels like an updated version of the cartoons of that era. I suppose it’s anime-ish, but not as cartoon-y as I remember. I like anime, but am by no means a veteran of the genre. I guess it’s more Ghost in the Shell than Pokemon, with some HeMan and G.I. Joe mixed in.

It is somewhat vulgar, which I hadn’t really expected. It’s fairly graphic and violent although not in a tasteless way. Just a lot of whipping eyeballs out, eviscerating people, heads on spikes, etc. I mean, it’s a show about killing monsters so one would expect there to be some violence. I was just slightly disarmed by the 80’s Saturday morning cartoon asthetic. Definitely not a kids show. The dialogue is good, with spots of humor thrown in to break the tension and the characters are interesting if not a bit prescribed.

Season 1 consists of 4, 25-minute episodes that do a good job of pulling you in but leave you wanting more in an unsatisfying way. In those four episodes, they introduce the characters, set up the backstory for the (presumably) coming action, and set up the next series of episodes. It’s unsatisfying because those 98 minutes of the show do just enough to wet your pallette and get you ready for Castlevania, but then it’s done. For now at least. Season 2 did get approved – almost immediately – and will suposedly be 8-12 episodes. The future is bright, but right now I’m stuck in limbo waiting for the next part of the story. I’m happy it was good enough to leave me wanting more but disappointed with how little I got up front.


Overall, I was impressed with Castlevania, I just wish I had more in season 1. If I had it to do over again, I might’ve waited until season 2 was out so I could just binge watch it. But what’s that they say about hindsight?

Recommendation: Check it out.



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