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Game Review: Prey

Finally – I know. I’ve been behind on my writing due to vacations and work changes and…and…and. But. I finally have finished Prey and, more importanly, my review. Much of my experience with Prey hasn’t changed much since I played through the demo, so head over and read my first look…first.

Or skip it, whatever works… (more…)


Game Review: Batman the Telltale Series

Telltale games, for me, have turned a somewhat-to-be-avoided gameplay style into a nice diversion from everything else. I really don’t like quick-time events all that much, especially when they’re a large part of the experience. Telltale, however, has allowed the stories they tell, and how they’re told, to overshadow the now-minor annoyance of the quick-time event. While I admit that I have to be careful to spread out my Telltale games to avoid gameplay fatigue, I always feel the experience is rewarding when the game is good – and this one is good. (more…)

Game Review: Ori and The Blind Forest

I enjoy platformers but typically only those that provide a moderate level of challenge.
Super Meatboy and Spelunky! are fun but get frustrating for me very quickly. When evaulating whether I want to play a particular platformer or not, I lean towards the games that offer something a little different. It could be a bigger focus on story, unique game play mechanics, or an artstyle that stands out for me. Ori and the Blind Forest seemed to hit on all of those. I happened to catch in on sale so I finally decided to jump in and was pleasantly suprised. (more…)

First Impressions: Prey Demo

I’ve been paying peripheral attention to Prey for a number of reasons, mostly trying to keep my internal hype machine at bay. I love what Bethesda and Arkane have been bringing gamers over the past few years (Dishonored, Fallout) and sci-fi action/horror is definitely my bag. And when Bethesda and Arkane did us all a solid by releasing a demo of the game, I cleared some space on my calendar. I mean, what else was I going to do with my Friday afternoon? (more…)

Peripheral Review: Xbox One Media Remote

While gaming was my primary reason for purchasing the Xbox One, I had it in the back of my mind to eventually use it as my primary media center in order to reduce the number of devices hanging out in my living room. It took me a few months but I finally got rid of my blu ray player and my Chromecast which made everyone in my house happy – so much less switching between input sources on the TV. After a year, and about a billion AA batteries, I started looking into ways to reduce the number of batteries I was using. Though my research I came up with two options: Rechargable batteries or a media remote. I was torn. Then I remembered all of the questions (read: complaints) from my wife about using the Xbox One controller and the solution became obvious.

Quick Hits: Gumballs & Dungeons

I have a confession to make. I lied to you all. Apparently I underestimated the number of, and time spent, playing mobile games I do. For that I appologize – mostly to my wife and kids…

I still don’t spend much money on them, but looking back on all my reviews, I realized a LOT of them are for mobile games. So I guess I’m more into  mobile games than I thought. Oh well!

This one I got clued into by Justin Davis over at IGN and it turned out to be a pretty solid recommendation. (more…)

Game Review: Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Based on my favorable experience with the previous entry in the Deus Ex universe, I was pretty certain I’d dig this game, but I waited a long time to buy it. I had just finished playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and, while stealth action is one of my favorite genres, I was worried I’d be too fatigued on that type of game to trult enjoy Deus Ex. Thus, the long wait to jump in. I was further rewarded for my patience by another price drop ($20) to boot!

But enough about that – On to the review! (more…)

Quick Hits: Super Mario Run

I know a lot of people kind of balked at the $10 price tag on Super Mario Run, which is fair because that is on the high end of the mobile game price spectrum. I was hesitent to buy it at that price as well – I mean if could scrape together another $10, I could grab a full sized console game, say…Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I was curious though, and bored on a conference call, and wandered over to the app store to see if it happened to be on sale. What I found there was even better – you can download it – and try out the first three levels – for free!