Game Review: Batman the Telltale Series

Telltale games, for me, have turned a somewhat-to-be-avoided gameplay style into a nice diversion from everything else. I really don’t like quick-time events all that much, especially when they’re a large part of the experience. Telltale, however, has allowed the stories they tell, and how they’re told, to overshadow the now-minor annoyance of the quick-time event. While I admit that I have to be careful to spread out my Telltale games to avoid gameplay fatigue, I always feel the experience is rewarding when the game is good – and this one is good. (more…)


Game Review: The Wolf Among Us

I dove into this game without really reading what it was about. I knew it was a Telltale game and that it was well reviewed. Frankly, based on the picture of the character, I thought it was about Logan from X-Men. That was half the reason I wanted to play it, so I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t. But, I got over that pretty quickly. (more…)